Trails for everyone

An improved and well-planned network of foothills trails that accommodates the needs of all users improves our quality of life and helps make Salt Lake City a unique and attractive ‘world class city’.


About SLC Trails

The Salt Lake City Trails Alliance is a group of trail users who live in the greater Salt Lake City area. We recreate in the foothills on bikes, on foot and with our canine friends. We head to the foothills for its natural qualities, the flora, the fauna, the views and the serenity.

We access the foothills for physical exercise and mental health. We believe that these trails should be open and accessible to all users and that with the right management all user groups will continue to benefit and enjoy our beautiful surroundings.

benefits of trails in the foothills


We love hiking with our dogs in Salt Lake City’s back yard. Many locals discovered hiking the city’s trails as a way to keep sane throughout the pandemic.


Mountain biking across the foothills is growing in popularity and a big reason many newcomers have moved to the city.



Recreational and world-class athletes train together on the trails that crisscross Salt Lake City’s foothills.